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Koh Yao Day Tour

Bird Watching
Learning Ecology and Conservation with Thai Hornbill


Your trip to Koh Yao Noi is not complete if you have not had a viewing session with our island mascot, the Hornbill Bird. Grab a pair of binoculars, prop yourself up in any of our cosy sunbeds or the outdoor living area of your Villa and watch our feathery friends take their sweet time to build an elegant home or simply share food. The simple joys of nature! 


And with the abundant nature of "Ko Yao Noi", Ko Yao District, Phang Nga province makes it a habitat for hornbills The hornbill that lives on the island is "Gag Bird" (or Curry Bird) is the smallest bird in the hornbill family. And is considered the only island where hornbills live with people in the community The villagers on the island are considered hornbills that are part of the community. It is normal to see that hornbills come out to eat fruit in the villagers' homes.


Duration :  5 hours

Private Option : 

Adult 2,000 THB

Child 1,000 THB

* Child (3-11 years old)
All-inclusive / Based on a minimum of 2 persons

Elephant Bathing
Elephant Bathing
Elephant Bathing


Morning Session:
Pick up from hotel at 07.00

End Program 13:00


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