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Koh Yao Longstay Packages on Small Island

Koh Yao is an island located at Pungna Bay. As it was closed off from the sea, there was a traditional fishery custom by using folk wisdom tools.

They lived a simple and religious life. However, after 1997, there was an increasing number of tourists visiting Koh Yao. This encouraged villagers to get more interested in helping tourism management and earning more income. Thus they gathered together and set up “the community based of kohyaohomestay”.

When you stay in a homestay you have an experience that you won't get in hotels. You not only get an accommodation to stay but you also get chance to meet the local people. You have an option to see their way of life and culture. In fact, staying in homestay is a way to live a destination, not just visit it.

If you are lucky, your vacation time may fall parallel to a local fare, ceremony, festival or a celebration in the Host’s place. It may be an incentive to your experience as you will have a better insight of the local life.


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