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Have a Cocktail at the Coolest Bars

For cocktails, head to Mini Bear, the coolest bar on the island. It’s a small bar with a small garden, a couple of cats, and Pat. She’s the owner. She only uses prime-quality liquor and prepares the best cocktails. Great music and a cool vibe complete the feast.

As mentioned, the best sunrise is on the east coast and the best sunset on the west. Stop by the Purana Resort and have a drink while enjoying the sunset. Another great place for sunsets is the aptly-named Sunset Bar. They have all sorts of cocktails and the coolest vibe.

For coffee after sunset, head to the bars on Tha Khao beach. Our favorite place in Klong Jark beach is Kantari Coffee, inside the Kudu Hotel. There are several good eateries in the center too. You won’t get thirsty either. You can stop at any supermarket. Better still, carry a recyclable bottle of water.


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